Hello World!

Welcome to Interior Castle, an unexpected lifestyle blog from someone who probably has the opposite of what most would envy.

Je ne sais quoi

In French, it means “I do not know,” but the idea is “an attractive quality that isn’t easily named.”


When you realize you don’t know how to do something that should be done, do you run? Or do you sit down and say, “I’m not doing anything else until I figure this out.”

Ready for Action

Preparing for life post-pandemic helps me alleviate the discomfort of waiting. If I didn’t need to work, I would consider getting more formal education.


Delaying gratification is the biggest challenge of our times. When we flip the switch, we expect instant light. When we open the faucet, we expect clean water.

Being Seen

This is me on an average day doing average things. In the summer, I take breaks from web design work in the backyard. Sometimes, I read physical books.

Where did I learn that?

I have always been the kind of person who could go somewhere new and make the best of it.